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How to prepare for the contractor’s visit?

Two weeks prior to the planned visit, you should receive notice from the appointed contractor, Miron Septic Tank, informing you of their upcoming visit and asking you to ensure that they can successfully empty your septic system during their visit.

Here are your responsibilities:

  • Let the contractor access your property (open fences, tie dogs out of reach, etc.);
  • Make sure the site is safe and accessible and that your civic number is also visible from the public highway;
  • Locate the lids of your septic tank on your property so that they can be spotted at first glance;
  • Remove the two covers of your septic tank or sump by excavating, if necessary, the earth or other materials that cover them. Leave a clearance of 20 cm (8 in) all around the lids;
  • Both lids do not have to be opened in advance; only cleared. If you have a plastic tank, undo the nuts and screws of the lids. If there is a small and a large lid, the large lid should be accessible;
  • If you have a Bionest system, disconnect the recirculation pump and make sure the water level is high enough before turning it on again;
  • No obstacles should be placed within 1.5 m around and 3 m above the septic system.
  • Your presence on the premises at the time of the emptying of your septic tank is not required. The contractor will leave an execution slip in a visible place on the premises.

Please ensure that all these conditions are fulfilled as of the Monday morning of the week scheduled for the emptying of your septic tank. Note that if the septic system is not accessible or access is denied, a $ 60.00 travel fee may apply.

If you do not think you can meet these conditions, it is your responsibility to contact the Municipality or the appointed contractor as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements for the emptying of your facility.

2023 Emptying schedule

 Holding Tanks

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Holding tanks must be emptied each year between mid-May and mid-November. In order to benefit from this annual emptying when your tank is full, you can contact the appointed contractor at 450 562-5516 when it is full and you want to take advantage of your annual emptying.

Listed are the holding tanks that are scheduled to be emptied during the 2023 season: List of holding tanks (on call) in attached file.

Septic Tanks and Cesspools

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In order to know which week the appointed contractor will empty your septic system, consult the complete list of addresses to be emptied in 2023. Information in attached file.

Residential Septic Tank Collective Emptying Program

Presentation of the Emptying Program

In pursuit of the protection of the territory's water bodies and the public services cost containment, the Municipality of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge launched, in 2016, the residential septic tank collective emptying program. Through this proactive approach to managing septic installations, the citizens of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge benefit from an efficient service at a lower cost and a better quality of the environment.

Here are some direct benefits of the group drain program:

  • Automatic compliance with drain requirements according to the frequency prescribed by the provincial government
  • Competitive cost resulting from the consolidation of all facilities in the territory and the tendering process
  • Improved speed of detection and correction of defective installations
  • Significant risk reduction for water bodies attached to polluting facilities
  • Valuation of septic tank sludge (contribution to achieving the objectives of the 2016-2020 residual materials management plan of the MRC d'Argenteuil)

By adopting this program, Grenville-sur-la-Rouge has demonstrated its initiative and its desire to preserve the quality of its natural environment. The Municipality has received congratulations from the MRC to this effect: Motion de félicitations de la MRC à la Municipalité. Information in attached file only in French.

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Presentation on septic tank empying. Information in attached file.

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Présentation sur la vidange de fosse septique: Information in attached file only in French.

Septic System

  • Consult the by-law. Important: The documents in this section have no legal value, and are provided for information only and have no legal value. Only the certified copy of the original by-law and any amendments thereto obtained from the Municipal Registrar has any legal value.The By-Laws are available in their official French version only.
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  • Everything you need to know about septic tanks. Septic installation guide (in french).
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  • Quoi faire et ne pas faire
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  • Do's and dont's
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  • In practice
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Water System

Last water quality test results:

  • Water quality assessment 2020
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  • Water quality assessment 2019
Nom du fichier : Bilan-de-la-qualite-de-leau-2019
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  • Water quality assessment 2018
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Beaver Dams

  • Beaver dam intervention plan: Information in attached file only in French.
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  • Presentation on beavers: Information in attached file only in French.
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Shorelines: Information in attached file only in French.

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  • Invasive exotic aquatic plants. Information in attached file only in French.
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  • Best practices for our aquatic ecosystems. Information in attached file.
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  • You believe you have seen a blue-green algae bloom? Information in attached file.
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  • The shoreline: the lake's natural shield. Information in attached file.
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  • Gardening a health insurance. Information in attached file.
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  • On the menu, a diet low in nitrogen and phosphorus. Information in attached file.
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  • A green world in a watery universe. Information in attached file.
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  • Does your lake have good kidneys. Information in attached file.
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  • Does your lake have the "blues"? Information in attached file.
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  • Are you a healthy navigator? Information in attached file.
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