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Since our election there have been a lot of very positive changes. The new council is determined and proud to offer you a dynamic municipality adapted to your needs.

We hope that you feel the positive effects of our reorganization on the efficiency of administration, roads, regulations and communication with citizens, despite the actions of Canada Carbon, which strongly challenges our decision to protect our environment, our regulations and the will of our citizens who have given us a clear and precise mandate in this regard.

This new reorganization has enabled City Council to create several new participative and community funds: $25,000 for community centers, $10,000 for Calumet's 100th anniversary celebrations and $15,000 for a building embellishment program in the villages of Calumet and Pointe-au-Chêne; other sectors will follow shortly.

I would particularly like to highlight the dynamism of community organizations and thank their volunteers who offer exceptional activities and services to all citizens of the Municipality. I would also like to thank all citizens for their support, their participation in public meetings, their calls when they see problems on public roads and their accompaniment in the process of accessibility and vitality of our Municipality.

Tom Arnold, Mayor

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26/09/2022 12:00
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Recycling collection
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