The Municipality is proud to announce the renewal of its RÉNOFAÇADE financial assistance program for the aesthetic and visual improvement of residences and non-commercial buildings located in the two busiest urban centers of the Municipality, namely the village of Calumet and the village of Pointe-au-Chêne.

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Programme Pair: Daily prevention call and reminders

Programme Pair: Daily prevention call and reminders

The Pair program allows its members to feel more secure thanks to:

  • Daily prevention call service with an alert in case of non-confirmation
  • Reminders to take medication with or without an alert

The prevention system makes it possible to react quickly in the event of a tragedy.

These daily calls are reassuring for subscribers and their families.

It is also possible to use this solution to make appointment reminders, invitations for events, as well as for birthdays.

Become a member of the Pair program or register one of your relatives?

Contact us at 1-877-997-7247 or register at this web page:


Who is the Pair program for?

  • Seniors living alone.
  • Elderly couples with or without health problems.
  • Families who are worried about their parents, but do not have the time or the ability to call them every day.
  • Person in need of a medication reminder.
  • Person with health problems.
  • Anyone who needs a daily call for any other reason.

For more informations: https://programmepair.ca/en/

The Pair program is completely free for members and always will be!

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